Web Design

Let's take look on my website elements!




Work Sans

For headings and subtitles I chose Work Sans family font, which is designed more for display use. Font allowed me to play with headings by using different weight.

Nunito Sans

For writing paragraphs I decided to use different font family Nunito Sans, which belongs to balanced sans serif typeface.

Content and Images


view-phone grid-phone

Content and design was firstly develop on phone with using 2 columns grid. Lately I found two another breakpoints to scale content.


view-tablet grid-tablet

Screens from 450px and above belongs to first breakpoint, where content and images are build by using 3 columns grid.


view-desktop grid-desktop

Screens from 1020px and above are seems as large devices, where content and images are build by using 5 columns grid. Content and images can be add in one or more columns depends on need.

Folder structure